Masters Degree Administration Program MBA Degrees

The Master Administration and Management of Commercial Businesses and Distribution of the Autonomous University of Barcelona has a teaching load of 60 credits hours best MBA Masters degree programs of which 15 correspond to the realization of a supervised business project. various courses wise plans.

Masters degree Administration Management Programs Implects

Fundamentals of macroeconomics. Might be taken right decision always. Panorama of the markets in the current economic, social and political situation in the world. Commercial Integration and Analysis of the conjuncture with various original content based markets. Financial environment, intermediaries and institutions in the capital market

Choose best and additional Distributions Challenges and opportunities in the current economic situation. various conditions will set proper information. International Relations and International Economic Policy and Strategic Management of the Company will make sure Internal analysis of the company, Innovation in companies and commercial departments, Commercial address
and main Design of commercial departments, core maintaince subjects will make sure additional information.

Quality management of commercial enterprises and distribution and Simulation game of strategic decisions of the company (Business Game) might be taken additional services for sure. Current vision of market orientation and Market research makes man perfect additional benefits.

Forecast of the demand and analysis of the offer and Branding Management and positioning will be available under any conditions, will make sure additional under any circullum conditions will takes higher charges. Communication strategies in the commercial company and Decisions in Marketing
Design and creation of product lines also takes curious places.

Choose best Management Degree Administration Programs

Pricing checking masters degreee on time without proper information subect wises. The marketing plan of commercial companies and distribution and getting various best additional market places.
Digital marketing and Online Marketing and Social Media chosen right decision always. Simulation game of strategic decisions of the company (Business Game) an The distribution channels (value chain)

Content wise making more studies Design of distribution channels Relocation of business units will impects choose Strategies for Locating Points of Sale and The intermediaries in the distribution channels.

Management of transport and foreign trade
Strategic alliances between manufacturers and distributors
Linking the logistics chain with the customer and the market
Sales planning and management techniques and tools
Stages of the commercial activity of the company
Sales plan: Integration in the Marketing Plan

Sales forecast
Sales Promotion
Merchandising techniques
Visual merchandising
From the seller to the Key Account Manager (KAM)
ECR (Efficient Consumer Response)

Category management
Fundamental analysis
Financial instruments and portfolio management
Financial analysis of the Marketing plan

Cost analysis
Financial planning of companies and commercial departments
Simulation game of strategic decisions of the company (Business Game)
Human Resources Management in companies and commercial departments
Selection of commercial personnel and managerial competences of commercial companies

Remuneration, commissions and bonuses
Business ethics

above points are very numeric validations under consideration for all sucessful projects.

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