Masters Degree Administrations Programs Distributions management

Masters degree administrations Various programs and getting best Information for sure. The Master in Administration and Management of Commerce and Distribution of the UAB is aimed at professionals who aspire to expand their responsibilities within the company.

it will results getting very much knowing information providing knowledge, tools and optimal skills in the field of marketing management, sales and marketing. distribution. You will be able to position yourself in strategic positions of the company such as: General management, Commercial Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Trade Marketing, Key Account Manager, Category Manager, among others.

Masters degree administrations Programs management courses

You will advance in your professional career, thanks to the assimilation of concepts and experiences that will generate solidity and confidence in your decision making, which influence the overall strategy of the company.

Set best additional services on time You will boost your leadership skills, harmonizing the generation of value with social responsibility and ethical commitment. The master has a professional program of internships in companies and institutions.

You will dynamize your professional perspectives towards managerial levels. You will live a unique experience to consolidate the knowledge acquired with our comprehensive training, which harmonizes the team work, with the resolution of cases and the final master project.

You will embark on new personal and professional paths, thanks to a learning system, in line with the reality of the companies and with a dynamic global vision. You will also have the opportunity to train at the UAB’s campus of excellence and share experiences with other international students who annually select our programs to complete their professional training.

We have a solid track record of 15 years of Business Management and International Marketing programs. You will hold a Master’s degree program organized by the Masters Program in Marketing, Commerce, and Distribution of the UAB, which holds the ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification and the UNE 66181 virtual training.

The masters of the Masters Program in Marketing, Commerce, and Distribution of the UAB are among the first in Spain, in the prestigious Ranking of the newspaper. The UAB is ranked as the 2nd Spanish university and among the top 200 universities in the world, in the results of the QS World University.


Provide the student with a high level of training and quality contrasted.
Develop a directive and strategic vision, both ethical and effective, that brings innovation.
Train people who will lead projects in companies of different sectors and sizes, both national and multinational.
Promote personal and professional growth motivating the student to overcome the intellectual challenges that the master poses.


The methodology of our Master’s programs is committed to providing 100% specialized, high quality online training, ensuring learning adapted to the demands of competitive business environments, thus allowing professional development of guarantee for the student.

To materialize this commitment, our Online Masters have methodological tools adapted to each student, flexible, dynamic and cutting-edge technology, whose integration allows us to have an innovative teaching method that we call 4-Learning.

The 4-Learning method surpasses traditional online teaching. 4-Learning involves learning in an environment based on real life, in which Internet technology and social networks are imposed on conventional systems, which are integrated into the daily life of people. Thanks to this methodology the user only requires the basic knowledge of office automation, a computer and an internet connection.

In this way, the student manages their own learning. For all these reasons we are convinced that the perfect combination of the 4 elements of the 4-Learning method, also surpasses the classroom teaching itself.

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