Virtual Rankings and Accreditations Courses Wise plans

Throughout our trajectory in On-line training we have worked and invested to develop a high-quality training offer and with the best technology, we have achieved the certification of our online master’s and postgraduate degrees under the UNE 66181: 12 virtual training

In May 2014, we returned to obtain the 66181: 12 certification, accreditation that we obtained for the first time in 2011.

This achievement marks a milestone in our history and shows the quality of our programs:

  • Master On-line Administration and Direction of Commerce and Distribution
  • Master On-line Management and International Business Management
  • Master On-line Integral Logistics
  • On-line Specialization Course in People Management and Leadership

UNE 66181: 12 evaluates the satisfaction of three fundamental criteria associated with online training:

  1. Employability: measures whether the program contributes to students’ integration into the labor market or improves their current employment status.
  2. Learning Methodology: measures the methods and technologies used in training programs and aims to optimize the learning process and capacity
  3. Accessibility: condition of the virtual environment and the training contents that make them understandable, usable and practicable for all people.

These criteria are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the maximum satisfaction score. Each of our online programs scored a 5 on Employability; 5 in Learning Methodology and 5 in Accessibility. It is a great achievement for Masters in Marketing, Commerce and Distribution and we will continue working to guarantee an optimal offer to our students.

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